Three of the Greatest Buildings Ever!!

Did you know that the Roman Empire was one of the greatest places to be because of the spectacular buildings and landmarks? Romans are famed for buildings and landmarks and were experts in civil engineering. The Roman Empire was a thriving civilization, which produced advances in technology, culture, and architecture. These three landmarks shaped what ancient civilizations thought they knew about buildings and landmarks: Roman Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Circus Maximus.

Most Used Stadium in Ancient World

The Roman Colosseum was a greatly used amphitheater. It was used for gladiator fights, sea battles, and Christian Sacrifice. The people sat in social class order. It was built from AD 72 all the way to AD 80 by the current Emperor, and later, his son. It was built near the Statue of Colossus and near a wealthy tyrant’s home. It was built because the Emperor had a vision of building the amphitheater. The colosseum remains one of the greatest landmarks ever in Europe.

Most Famous Building in Ancient Rome

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built as a cathedral but it wasn’t used that way. It was used as a major tourist attraction. It is famous because it is leaning and that it hasn’t fallen. It is leaning because of a very unstable foundation. Because of this there is more flaws than just the tilt. It was built because the Church needed a new cathedral since the old one broke. The tower remains one the most famous buildings in the world.


Largest Stadium in Ancient World

Circus Maximus was the largest stadium in the ancient world. It was started in the 6th century BC and was carried out until 46 BC when it was finished. Three fires have devastated it and it was rebuilt every time. It was mainly used for chariot races. Seven Kings held chariot races here. After the third and final fire, the people of Rome didn’t rebuild it. In the ancient world it was one of the most amazing places to be.

Roman Influence on Buildings and Landmarks

These things are three of the most amazing landmarks in the ancient world. The romans were famous for a lot of other things.

These are only three of the most amazing landmarks ever! Studying the Roman Empire is an amazing thing considering what the Roman Empire was like. The romans were famous for a lot of other things: aqueducts, concrete, newspapers, welfare, bound books, roads and highways, roman arches, calendars, and medical supplies for battlefields.





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